About Us

About Us

$1.1 Billion worth of ingredients are imported annually into Australia by contract manufacturers for use in the Nutraceutical Industry - across vitamins, minerals, health supplements, baby nutrition and cosmetics. We believe these imports can be replaced with locally grown and refined inputs.
The role of Sampano is to establish a coordinated local value chain, providing opportunities for growers and processors to participate in the local nutraceutical value chain. To provide support and information and to create direct access to Australian and export markets.
Sampano is a participant in the Fight Food Waste CRC and is a founding member of NSIP, the Nutraceutical Science & Innovation Project, along with CSIRO and Swisse Wellness.

The Team

Adrian Spencer

Commencing in the Agriculture sector in NE Victoria in 1992, Adrian has first hand experience in growing, harvesting and processing for local and export markets, across chestnuts, berries, cherries, apples and stone fruit. Following this, Adrian worked around Australia as a Geologist and then within the Taxation advisory division of Ernst & Young for 6 years, in Melbourne, in particular, supporting Research & Development companies. Since 2006 Adrian has established multiple companies, working with Industry to secure over $500 million in funding for innovation and expansion projects all around Australia, including the Agriculture and Manufacture sectors. Having established deep value chain contacts (and clients) as well as government, research and community links, Adrian launched Sampano in late 2016.

Tony Kent

Tony Kent is one of Australia’s most experience agronomists, with over 45 years’ experience in agronomy science research, education, on farm experience, farm economics and crop variety expertise. Prior to his current role, Tony served on the Grains Research & Development Board, Director Quality Wheat CRC, GM for Long Reach Plant Breeders and AWB Research Manager. Tony assists in the practical coordination of growers, as well as advising industry on best practice for growing and the commercial approach.

Peter McLean

Peter McLean specialises in strategic alliance building and strategy formulation. Peter previously held a national Governmental role in supporting regional innovation through facilitation, strategic alliance building, organizational network analysis, community engagement and stakeholder relationship management. This led to the formation of strategic alliances in supply chains throughout Australia across a range of industry sectors including agriculture, natural resources, aged care and food producers. Peter’s strengths lie in his commitment to collaboration as the means of building new value, innovation, productivity and economic prosperity both in business and the broader community in regional areas.

Roneel Anand

Roneel is seen as an expert in launch as well as management of health, OTC and Prescription Medicine products/brands in Australia & NZ. This is mainly through the Pharmacy, Grocery and Daigou channels. In the past he has worked directly and consulted for companies like Sanofi, Sigma, Nestle, Perrigo, Scalzo Foods to name a few. Majority of the time has been spent in the Sales and Marketing functions. He can facilitate end to end process from regulatory, logistics, launch to ongoing management of brands. Has a sound understanding of TGA, ASMI and FSANZ regulations. Most recently he has launched several brands in the Australian market for start-ups. And brokered a deal between StarCombo Pty Ltd and TerryWhite Chemmart. StarCombo successfully listed on the ASX.

Dr Richard Huysmans

Richard is driven by the challenge of building and growing collaboration, and engaging industry with researchers. His strategic approach brings universities, research facilities & businesses together to ensure research has an impact. He has been working with leaders in research and entrepreneurship for over 15 years, in positions that include Research Managers, Centre & Institute Directors, Deputy & Pro Vice-Chancellors of Research and Faculty Managers. Recent projects have included building research teams, translating research into practice, engaging industry and establishing & reviewing research centres.